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Michelle Blitman & Yash Kandoi — Minted

Michelle Blitman


Yash Kandoi

Any Questions?

Is There A Dress Code?

We can’t wait to see our friends and family dressed up with us!

We are requesting traditional Indian Attire or Black-Tie Attire.

We kindly request that you avoid colors traditionally reserved for the bride in both cultures.

Please avoid reds, whites, ivories, creams, or anything that could photograph close to those colors.

Can I Bring A Date?

If you received a plus one, they would appear under name when you RSVP and your invitation will be made out to "{Your name} & Guest".

What Happens If I Don't RSVP In Time?

If we do not get an RSVP back by the date which we provided, it will be marked as a "No."

We will miss you celebrating with us, however, we have to provide total guests counts to the venue in the timely manner they have given us and cannot accept late RSVP's due to this. We hope you understand.